Ulen Sentalu

What a weird name? when the first time i heard “Ulen Sentalu” i thought it was a strange place, such as a horror place. i thought it was an ancient palace, bcoz i saw from television, there were some sculptures inside the ‘Ulen Sentalu’ and the architecture was so unique..

i’m so curious, i wanted to know what kind of place was that?
so, when i had a spare time, i decided to go there…
i went there wiff my friend: Bonbin, Febrong, and Woody.. on Friday, 25 September 2009..
When we arrived there, we’re so amazed wiff the architecture..wow,
“it’s amazing, i’ve never seen this place before” i said to my friend..
and they were agree wiff me ^^ then i realized that Ulen Sentalu was not a palace, but it’s a museum. What a unique museum! this museum is about Java Culture..

we’re so eager to come in, but we had to buy the tickets first..
we got special price becoz we showed our KTM (Kartu Tanda Mahasiswa), we just paid 15.000 rupiahs.. if you’re not a student u have to pay 25.000 rupiahs .. ^^


About the picture: this is the place to take a rest after walking around in museum. there’s a unique tea (i forget the name), and u have to try it because the tea can make you keep young ^^ ( i hope it’s true..)

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  1. bonbin says:

    weee potone hehe

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