Want to be a Backpacker

I talked to my friend last night, and he said that he wanted to go to Thailand with his friend. Actually, he doesn’t have money to go traveling, so he decided to become a backpacker… i think that’s cooooL! i like adventure, traveling to beautiful places that i’ve never seen before… but, i don’t have friend to come with , they’re to busy… even to the closest place like Semarang and Solo…uurggh

wanna come with me?
let’s explore some places that we never seen before ^^

4 Comments Add yours

  1. WEDE NE WEde says:

    try…enjoy…love..addict it

  2. fian says:

    want it!!

    some old place that have “vintage character”,,

  3. fian says:

    want it !
    especially to Semarang..
    the city that have some old place with “vintage character”

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