Ulen Sentalu

What a weird name? when the first time i heard “Ulen Sentalu” i thought it was a strange place, such as a horror place. i thought it was an ancient palace, bcoz i saw from television, there were some sculptures inside the ‘Ulen Sentalu’ and the architecture was so unique.. i’m so curious, i wanted…

Want to be a Backpacker

I talked to my friend last night, and he said that he wanted to go to Thailand with his friend. Actually, he doesn’t have money to go traveling, so he decided to become a backpacker… i think that’s cooooL! i like adventure, traveling to beautiful places that i’ve never seen before… but, i don’t have…

Welcome note

Hello there! Actually this is not my first blog, i already have it one in blogspot.com but i forget the password and can’t open till now .. this blog represent my life, current condition and all the good and stupid things i’ve done ..

Hello world!

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